Getting Started

Install CentriQS
Activate CentriQS
Log on to the database
Add users and groups


Update CentriQS
Add a dictionary in CentriQS spell-checker
Log on to Configurator
Restore default application settings
Change the maximum number of records that view displays
Change the maximum size of files added to the database
Setup mail settings


Create a new database
Create a new database from backup
Duplicate database
Update the database
Backup and restore a database
Set shared buffer folder
Schedule automatic database backup
Log on to the database in CentriQS using command line


Generate reports
Create report templates
Create schedule report template
Use report designer
Add input parameters
Add calculated fields
Add totals to a report
List of default report templates
Change visible start and finish time in the schedule report
Change data source of report template


Create permission rules
Set "read" and "write" permissions
Analyze permissions settings
Allow users to change task state only
Restrict access to entities by folders
Allow/deny users to access certain views
Allow users to reset their authentication password only
List of default permissions

Subscriptions to Notifications

Subscribe to notifications
Create reminder subscriptions
Setup notification subject and body
List of default subscriptions
Get notifications of any changes made to an entity
Cancel delivery of email notifications


What are system requirements for CentriQS?
What ports are used for CentriQS?
What do these error messages mean?
How to move CentriQS Server from one server computer to another?
How to log on to a different database in CentriQS?
How to change the default password of administrator account?
How to migrate Firebird to MS SQL database?
How to restart CentriQS Application Server?
How to roll back to the previous CentriQS version?
How to uninstall CentriQS?
How to restore CentriQS from the taskbar?

Migration from VIP Task Manager(VIP TM)

CentriQS vs. VIP Task Manager comparison
Migrate from VIP Task Manager to CentriQS
Import data from VIP Task Manager database
Find out the path to VIP Task Manager database
Setup the data that cannot be imported from VIP TM
Solve issues that may occur during VIP TM database import

Task Management

Create, edit and delete a taskVideo Tutorial: Create, edit and delete a task
Set task properties
Break down tasks into subtasksVideo Tutorial: break down tasks into subtasks
Schedule appointments
Schedule tasksVideo Tutorial: Schedule Tasks in CentriQS
Split tasks into schedule itemsVideo Tutorial: Split Tasks in CentriQS
Track time spent on tasksVideo Tutorial: Plan, Track, Analyze and Report Time Spent on Tasks
Set task dependencyVideo Tutorial: set task dependency
Assign tasks to usersVideo Tutorial: Assign Tasks to Users
Set recurrence
Roll up task recurrence
Create exceptions in recurring series
Duplicate tasksVideo Tutorial: duplicate tasks
Shift task datesVideo Tutorial: shift task dates
Set task priorityVideo Tutorial: set task priority
Set reminders
Edit multiple tasksVideo Tutorial: edit multiple tasks
Highlight tasks
Archive and restore tasks
Identify "at risk" tasks
See tasks related to a project
Show tasks of the next or last several hours
Use Task Analytics Pivot table
Use Task Analytics charts
Set filter to hide parent tasks
Set filter by subtask levels


Log on to the database in Configurator
Create a custom entity
Create a custom property
Choose custom property's data type
Choose property's editor
Change format of entity title
Create a custom enum (enumerated data type)
Create a custom table
Create a custom workflow
Create a custom OLAP cube
Set expressions
Create a shared preset
Customize detail view layout
Update data after changing entity configuration
Add custom property 'Country' to entity
Save and load detail view layouts


Setup automatic refresh of data in the current main view
Display most frequently used views on the ribbon
Setup vertical or horizontal mode of floating detail view
Set the display of working day on Scheduler view
Display detail view panel
Setup quick access toolbar
Add related views
Change skins

System Features

Add and use links
Use folders
Use templates
Create a dashboard
Search data
Group data by columns
Set filters
Set layouts
Create presets
Use files
Export views
Add date and time stamps
Use project detail view
Use chart wizard
Print out views
Use notifications