Reminder subscriptions send notifications based on particular date and time. For example you can create a subscription “Notify project creator that project deadline is almost due”.

To create reminder subscription

1. Click Go To, click Subscriptions, click Add, and then click 'Reminder' Subscription.

2. In the 'Reminder' Subscription dialog box, enter subscription name, click required entity in the Entity box, and then, if needed, set a filter condition in the Filter box.

For example, you can set filter condition [Creator] = '$Me' to send notifications to project creators only.

3. Enter required settings in the Remind box.

For example, you can enter the Remind 1 day Before Deadline settings to receive the reminder notification the day before the Deadline date and time.

Note Reminder notifications for Date & Time properties that are entered automatically, such as Dated Created, Date Modified, Date Started, Date Closed, can be sent only After the given date and time.

If you change Entity, Filter or Reminder settings in existing subscription, you are prompted to apply the changes.

Learn more about how to subscribe to notifications and how to set notification subject and body.