Tasks view lets breakdown tasks into multiple subtask levels which can be easily expanded or collapsed to show required records.

However, if you need to create a report, pivot table or chart on particular subtask level, you cannot set appropriate filter, because there is no default property for that purpose. You need to create a custom property that will define your work breakdown structure, and then set filter by the given property.

For example, you have 4-level WBS (process/phase/task/subtask) and want to generate various reports on particular levels.

Report “List of tasks”

Report “List of phases”

To set filter by particular subtask level

  • In Configurator, in the Entities Configuration mode, add appropriate enum with values (ex.: enum Type with values Process, Phase, Task, and Subtask)

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  • In Configurator, in the Entities Configuration mode, add task property with appropriate enum data type.

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  • In Configurator, in the Views Configuration mode, add appropriate box to the Task detail view layout.

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  • In CentriQS, in the Tasks view, add tasks and subtasks with appropriate type.

In CentriQS, in the Report Designer view, add report template with appropriate input parameter.

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