You can shift the dates of several tasks or schedule items automatically, preserving the date interval between these tasks.

To shift the dates of multiple tasks

1. Hold down Ctrl while clicking required tasks, right click the selected tasks, and then click Shift Task(s).

2. Enter required setting in the Tasks Shifting Options dialog box.

Note If you want the earliest date to become a new start, click Start At, while if you want the very last date to become the new finish, click Finish At.

Tip The Shifting Range summary shows the period within which your tasks will be scheduled after you apply your shifting settings.

Task schedule items are shifted the same way as tasks.

Important! If the shifted tasks have both due dates and schedule items, the program will take the earliest date for Start At or the latest date for Finish At, no matter if it is Due Date of a task or Start Date and Finish Date of a schedule item.

Note Reminder dates of shifted tasks and schedule items are also shifted accordingly.