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What's new, what's improved, and what's changed in CentriQS vs. VIP Task Manager:

Task Management

  • Subtasks

Now users can decompose their tasks into multiple levels of subtasks (screenshotVideo Tutorial: How to break down tasks into subtasks

  • Dependency

Set 'finish-to-start' dependency to block task status until its predecessors are completed (screenshotVideo Tutorial: How to set task dependency

  • Time Tracking

Use task timer and time log to automatically and manually track time you spend on tasks (screenshotVideo Tutorial: How to Plan, Track, Analyze and Report Time Spent on Tasks

"The world is full of task management software, but Centriqs has the potential of becoming the swiss-army knife, do-it-all, reasonably-priced business software that can be adapted to model most small business processes."

Mark Bustin

  • Task Analytics

Use pivot grid and charts (including burndown chart) to measure your company performance (screenshot)

  • Task Splitting

Schedule one task at multiple dates & times by splitting it into several schedule items (screenshot)

  • Appointments

Plan your calls, meetings, events, etc. as appointments on the Scheduler view (screenshot)

  • Projects

Manage projects on the Projects view, link projects to tasks and add any required properties (screenshot)

  • Files

Store documents in one place on the Files view, add links to them, make and save changes (screenshot)

  • Task Owner

Change the owner of the task, if you create this task on behalf of another user (screenshot)

  • Overdue Tasks

Get notifications of overdue tasks and set 'overdue' filter to avoid procrastination (screenshot)

  • Almost Due Tasks

Be aware of almost due tasks depending on time left before due date or deviation from estimate (screenshot)

  • Work Schedule

Define the working period to be displayed on the Scheduler view (screenshot)

  • Working Time

Set number of working hours per day, days per week, etc. to calculate 'true' task duration (screenshot)

  • Urgent / Important

Apply urgency/importance approach to make sure the working time is used effectively (screenshotVideo Tutorial: How to set task priority

  • Numeric Priority

Set numeric priority to additionally sort tasks within each priority level (screenshot)


  • Custom Entities

Create custom entities for any kind of your business data: customers, orders, inventory, etc. (screenshot)

  • Custom Workflow

Design the workflow that defines entity's life cycle from creation to completion (screenshot)

  • Custom Properties

Add much more powerful custom fields of any available type and format (screenshot)

  • Custom Expressions

Use variety of functions, operators, constants and properties to set flexible formulas (screenshot)

  • Custom Tables

Create additional tables for any entity and display them in entity's detail views (screenshot)

  • Custom OLAP cubes

Design OLAP cubes to collect analytical data for pivot grids and charts (screenshot)


  • Dashboards

Gather several most useful views with various data on a single dashboard view (screenshot)

  • Pivot Tables

Use Pivot tables to analyze your business data and measure your company progress (screenshot)

  • Charts

Build any kind of analytical charts to visualize your company key performance indicators (screenshot)

Base Features

  • Full-text Search

Find all required data, such as tasks, projects, files, etc. by any keywords or key phrases (screenshot)

  • Multi-edit Mode

Select multiple tasks, projects, etc. and use 'multi-edit' panel to change their properties (screenshotVideo Tutorial: How to edit multiple tasks

  • Spell-checker

Make no mistakes in any text fields with help of a built-in multi-language spell-checker (screenshot)

  • RTF Notes

Add notes in MS Word-like RTF editor that supports almost all text formatting features (screenshot)

  • Permissions

Set much more flexible permission rules to let users do what they are allowed to do (screenshot)

  • Notifications

Set much more flexible subscription rules to let users get required notifications only (screenshot)

  • Active Directory

Use Active Directory for adding domain users and providing secure user authentication (screenshot)

  • Database Backup

Schedule automatic database backups or do manual database backup/restore easily (screenshot)

  • MS SQL Databases

Create MS SQL databases to get all the benefits of MS SQL Server, including Express edition (screenshot)

  • MS Exchange Server

Use MS Exchange server for sending email notifications, reminders and overdue alerts (screenshot)

  • Skins

Choose from a variety of available skins to set graphic appearance which suites your taste (screenshot)

Migration from VIP Task Manager

  • Migration solution

We prepared a migration solution that lets you continue working with your current VIP Task Manager database. Learn more about "How to migrate from VIP Task Manager to CentriQS"

  • Upgrade Offer

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  • Customized solution

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  • Live Demo

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