Tracking tasks and time you spend on tasks and projects with help of task tracking software lets you see what progress you are making and know where your time is going. Our time tracking software offers at least 6 features any of which can be used to keep track of your own tasks or your team performance. You can choose any of the time tracking tools below to increase your employee productivity and meet your project deadlines:


1. Task State

You can update task state for tracking task execution from the beginning to the end of task life-cycle. It is the most common task tracking tool for project task tracking. When you create a new task it has state “Created”. When you start working over the task, you update its state to “In Progress”. When you finish working over the task you update its state to “Closed”. If needed you can rollback task status to the previous state. If the task is dependent on other tasks its state gets automatically updated to “Blocked” until the predecessor gets closed. State of parent tasks is updated automatically based on states of its subtasks. Owners of the tasks automatically get notifications when assigned users change task state.

2. Actual and Remaining Duration

You can update actual and remaining duration to track time you have already spent and time you still need to spend. Our time tracking software can be used for employee time tracking both manually and automatically. You can enter actual and remaining duration or let CentriQS calculate the values by formula. Duration of parent task is calculated automatically as the total of its subtasks’ durations. Actual and remaining durations work together with task states. For example, when you enter “0” into ‘Remain’ field, the task gets automatically closed and vice versa when you close the task, its remaining duration gets changed to “0”.

3. Time Logs

You can create task time logs for tracking time you spend on doing your tasks. Time logging is a great time tracking tool because it lets you maximize your productivity and always meet the deadlines you set. You can create time logs manually and automatically. Time logging feature allows you enter start and finish date and time, while task timer allows you start and stop task time tracking so that time log start and finish as well as duration are recorded by our time tracking software. The total of all task time logs is also entered automatically as the actual duration of the task. Note that you should be assigned to the task if you want your time logs to be taken into account.

4. Task Progress and 'At Risk' Tasks

You can track task progress to know whether the task is taking exactly as much, less or more time than it was originally estimated. For that purpose duration deviation formula is used. This key performance indicator helps you define whether there is zero, positive or negative deviation in task duration. Zero deviation means that task duration was estimated accurately and no corrective action is required. Positive deviation may mean that task was overestimated or task executor skills were underestimated. Negative deviation means that task is at risk of being delayed because either task was underestimated or task executor skills were overestimated. Task background highlighting and notifications let you know about the possible issue early enough to change the situation for better.

5. Almost Due and Overdue Tasks

You can track due and overdue tasks for completing tasks on-time and avoiding any delays and procrastination. CentriQS time tracking software makes it easier to detect almost due and overdue tasks by highlighting task background and sending notification before the due date has come. For example, when there is one day left before the due date the task can “turn yellow”, while when the due date is missed the task can “turn red”. Notifications can be sent before the due date to notify you that due date is coming but the task has not been closed yet and after the due date to inform you that some time has passed since the due date was missed but the task remains uncompleted.

6. Task Reminders

You can get task reminders to remember about important tasks you need to do. Our task reminder software alerts users of upcoming tasks that are critical for their project plans or daily work. Reminder notifications can be delivered internally by popup alerts and by email message sent to users’ email addresses. Popup reminders can be supported with a sound alarm. If you want to get the same reminder later, you can snooze it for a certain period of time, otherwise you can mark it as read and it will be hidden from the view. All reminders get into reminder list which is shown in the Notifications view as records with a “bell” icon.

7. Task Notifications

You can get task notifications for tracking changes made to tasks by other users. CentriQS notification software helps you stay well informed about significant task updates by sending auto notifications as popup or email messages. Task notifications are triggered by pre-defined subscriptions and can be delivered by custom subscriptions with your own settings. Besides popup balloons and email letters, notifications are stored in the database as record that are displayed in the 'Notifications' view. You can sort, group and filter notifications by available parameters and use "Show Unread Only" mode to hide the notifications you have read from the view.

8. Task History and Comments

You can track task history and comments to get a detailed picture of how users were working on particular task. Usually tracking task history is required for monitoring large tasks, tasks assigned to multiple users or problem tasks when you need to find out which user made wrong changes and when exactly it happened. Task logs contain information about task properties that were changed and the texts of comments made by users when they changed task properties. Comments can be also used by task owner and executor to discuss the task challenges. With help of this task tracking tool task history logs can be sorted and filtered, as well as printed out and exported to available formats.

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