Database software applications are special computer programs developed to accomplish specific tasks. In particular, organizations acquire such programs to create, configure and customize their databases as well as to back up and restore business information when required. Whatever type of business you're running, apparently you need to use DBMS solution to easily collect and safely house your business data, including client records, contacts, orders, payments, projects, and so on. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best application for your business.

Focus on Database Information

Your final decision will greatly depend on your strategic expectations, which can be characterized by your business goals and budget. In this regard, you need to outline a business strategy (with reference to your financials and objectives) that describes the scope of database software applications your company needs to support business activities.

Also you need to figure out what information to organize by means of database software applications and how your personnel will access and use this information. Also do not forget to consider whether your current hardware meets system requirements of database software tools.

Here are more tips to help you think strategically:

  • Define the purpose of using a database in your company
  • Set your business goals and budget
  • Request various departments in your company for their feedback and list of "must-haves"
  • Figure out how to best organize CMS in your specific business environment
  • Consider who will use and maintain your database

Identify Security Options

Every developer of database software applications offers different security options which may range from data encryption to automated security scanning. Your choice should be based on your business needs. For example, if your business deals with credit card data processing, you need to consider database software applications that comply with automated payment security standards. Among other security options might be user authentication, permissions management system, database backup and recovery, others.

User Authentication and Active Directory

User authentication is one of the most popular and easiest database security measurements. It involves a procedure to check and verify a user’s identity through a code such as Name and Password. When a user wants to log in a database, this user needs to enter right username and password. In case the username or password is wrong, the system will refuse the login request.

In CentriQS you can create user accounts which can be specified with unique usernames and passwords. If you use Windows Active Directory (AD) in your business, CentriQS lets your employees use their AD accounts to log in your database. You just need to add domain groups and users to your db to enable AD authentication in CentriQS.

Database Software Application: User Authentication

Permissions Management System and User Access Rights

Permissions management involves defining and applying a set of attributes that specifies what kind of access a given user has to certain data in a secure database. User permissions determine what database records and entries user is allowed or denied to view or modify. As a rule, user permissions are granted to employees according to their decision making role, duties and authority within a company. For instance, a marketing head is likely to have extended permissions as compared to a market specialist, because this individual is assigned to greater authority and higher responsibility and thereby needs more information for effective decision making.

Permissions Management System

When you need to set up permissions in CentriQS database, you can use the Entity Permissions view which enables you to configure user access rights. There is a list of default permissions that grant administrators full access. Non-administrative users are provided with restricted access. You can modify default permissions to change the way how non-administrative users will view and modify database records.

Database Backup and Recovery

There is always a portion of risk that some data will be lost or stolen. Meanwhile, there should be a data security tool that could duplicate database entries and prevent data theft. Database backup and recovery is a two-way procedure to make a backup copy of an existing database and then use this copy to recover the database when required.

CentriQS Configurator enables you to back up your databases, run recovery procedures on your backups, and store duplicate copies in a safe location (e.g. remote web server). The software protects you from potentially catastrophic data loss. You can make backups manually any time when needed. Automatic backups are made when you're updating your database to a newer version.

Database Backup and Restore

Consider Database Customization Capability

Your company is unique so most likely you will look for a custom solution rather than an off-the-shelf program. Your company will need a flexible database software application that enables database customization and business tailoring. Such an application will tailor user experience, support unique business workflows, and provide effective methods for data manipulation.

CentriQS Database Software Applications

Achieve Business Customization with CentriQS

Among other database software applications available in the marketplace, CentriQS stands out by its capability to deliver the value of business through advanced configuration of the database. CentriQS can be tailored to your specific business requirements to provide your company with the processes and workflows it needs to efficiently organize and share business data, including schedules, projects, personnel, inventories, customers, accounting, and more.

In CentriQS database you can safely keep and manage all your business data in one place. The software enables to make backups and restore the database when needed. Employees can access your database with their unique user names and passwords. The database software application supports Active Directory Authentication and it can be easily deployed in Windows environment.

Configure and Manage Your Database with Ease

CentriQS is designed to make it easier for real users to configure and manage their databases. Unlike MS Access which requires good knowledge and expertise in database programming and administration, CentriQS serves as a simple database management tool which can be used by non-programmers. Your database is represented as a hierarchy of entities or objects that are specified with properties, workflows and tables. Also there are enums and OLAP cubes that extend database design and empower deeper customization. You can modify existing entities and their attributes or create new ones that best match your business needs. The system features a data validation mechanism that enables tracking errors and wrong entries, so this mechanism ensures your database’s integrity and correctness.

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