Human resource (HR) management involves a significant amount of work that needs to be done well and with no hassle. It requires organizations to plan employee tasks, recruit candidates, provide necessary training, streamline rewards and remuneration system, and retain valued talents. All these challenges can be successfully handled with help of HR management software.

Planning Employee Tasks

Task planning is one of the prioritized activities in HR management. This activity involves formulation of tasks for a larger process or project and selection of employees who will execute these tasks. Detailed schedule should be developed to support employee tasks. Managers need to carry out the task planning activity to determine right tasks for completion and estimate work effort required for task completion. In this regard, human resources matrix will be of great help.

Work Effort and Human Resources Matrix

Work effort determines an amount of working hours employee will spend to complete assigned task. Work effort serves is a basic definition in personnel task planning to help managers match employees' skills and knowledge against the job to do be done. Human resources matrix is used to display which employees are selected and how much their effort is to invest in work. HR matrix is often built by project managers to plan activity durations and dedicate teams to project tasks.

To create human resources matrix, consider the following five steps:

  • Identify the work to be done, for example you want to design a new layout for your corporate website
  • Break down this work into smaller related pieces, or interdependent tasks which are more manageable and measurable
  • Figure out which individuals among your personnel can execute your tasks
  • Estimate time required of your employees to perform the tasks (your time estimations should be based on the employees' skills, experience and knowledge as well as on your goals)
  • Use MS Excel to build HR matrix that displays all the data you collected. Below you can see an example of the matrix.

Human Resource Matrix for Planning Work Effort

Human resources matrix is rather a managerial tool that helps decision makers define, plan and schedule tasks. As to employees who will execute tasks, they need individual to-do lists and job schedules that guide them through the task execution process. With help CentriQS you can plan your work, break down it into smaller interdependent tasks and sub-tasks, create task lists and schedules, make employee assignments, and set estimated completion time and actual time for employee tasks. This HR management app helps you achieve optimum balance of your needs with the available human resources.

HR Training and Development

Companies need to train their personnel and provide skills development opportunities in order to ensure desired employee performance. Training programs, mentoring and other special events will be the main tools to quickly prepare new and existing employees for their job responsibilities. HR management software makes it easier to determine and exploit staff training opportunities.

For example, by means of CentriQS software you can break down the training process into a number of jobs and activities. This approach will help you thoroughly plan training events and assign responsibilities. CentriQS allows creating task templates that simplify event planning and accelerate training implementation.

HR Training

Incentives and Rewards Management

Obviously, managing rewards and remuneration cannot be handed out at random. For any business it is critical that financial incentives are planned and developed in advance in order to ensure wise spending and avoid employee discontent. Workers who are remunerated timely for their efforts will be much satisfied with their job.

Accountants can use HR management software to plan and provide financial incentives and rewards. Everything from signing a contract, paying wages and catering for remuneration needs can be handled out efficiently. For example, you can use the Payroll view in CentriQS to figure out how much money you need to pay your personnel for their time and efforts. CentriQS will help you register employee achievements and calculate bonuses.

HR Incentives and Rewards Management

HR Recruitment and Staffing

As such, HR plays an increasingly important role in business today. For any successful company HR recruitment is the central concern to hire right candidates for right jobs. HR professionals, consultancies and head hunters take responsibility for attracting competent specialists to ensure effective workforce. First of all, they verify the business' staffing requirements and then sieve and find candidates that meet those requirements at most. The best candidates will be interviewed and recruited.

With help of HR management software the recruitment process can be efficiently managed. Every step of the process can be planned, related tasks can be assigned to recruiters, and process performance can be tracked by seniors. HR management tool makes it easier to set staffing requirements, create candidate profiles, schedule interviews, and report on recruitment results.

HR Management Software: HR Recruitment and Staffing

Talent Retention

HR professionals have responsibility for retaining talented employees who facilitate greater performance and ensure business growth. Effective talent management lets companies be on a par with their competitors in the market. Also, retaining talents ensures that employees are not tempted to look for new employment elsewhere.

Talent Retention

With help of HR management application it is possible to set and implement talent retention workflows. For example, in CentriQS you can use the Task Analytics view to monitor employee achievements against task performance. When a more productive worker shows greater performance, CentriQS lets you figure out what tasks have been done by the worker in what time and cost.

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