The Issues Database provides a few reports for you to view or print. Just click a report name to view it in a preview mode. You can change the default date range for the report by entering new dates in the appropriate boxes.

issue reports

Issues by Assigned To

Assigned Issues report shows a list of issues assigned to particular employee. When you generate this report you select the required user from the list and set the date range that filters the issues by the period you are interested in.

assigned issues report

Issues by Opened By

Opened Issues report shows how many issues were opened by particular user within certain period of time. Besides issue name, the list reports status and priority of each issue. The total number of opened issues is displayed at the bottom of the report.

opened issues report

Issues by State

Issues State report shows issues grouped by status. Within each group, you can see the priority of each issue and who is assigned to it. When generating the report you specify start and finish dates, so that you can see only issues created during the specified period.

issues by state report

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